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Our Retro Sweet Hamper is full to bursting with nostalgic retro sweets and is available to buy online from our UK sweet shop. From Dolly Mix to Flying Saucers, Jazzies to Black Jacks, it’s sure to bring those childhood memories flooding back!

Beautifully packed and presented with complimentary ribbons by trained staff, our retro sweet hamper is a real treat!

We use a sleek black box with magnetic clasp to hold all the sweets so it’s perfect for you to reuse!

DaffyDownDilly has selected fantastic retro sweets to fill your box to bursting…

So what’s inside our Retro sweet Hamper?

250g Fried Eggs

250g Bumper Bananas

2 x packets of Fruit Salads

250g Mixed Bonbons

50 x Flying Saucers

250g Candy Sticks

250g Dolly Mix

2 x Dib Dab

250g Jazzies

2 x Packets of Black Jacks

2 x Packets of Refreshers

10 x mini packs of Parma Violets

2 x Fizz Wiz / Pop Rocks

20 x Anglo Bubbly gums

5 x Chappa Chup lollies

2 x Giant Drumsticks

1 x large bag of Rainbow Drops

What a fantastic treat! There are plenty of sweets in here to share if you can! So if you’re looking for a sweet gift or a sensation sweet indulgence we think this hamper is perfect. It’s full  of the very best in retro sweets. We especially love the flying saucers – they’re a retro sweet favourite.

In the rare event that a listed item in not available, we will replace it with an equally yummy and similar item rather than delay your order.



250g fried eggs, 250g bumper bananas, 250g mixed bonbons, 250g candy sticks, 250g dolly mix, 250g jazzier, 50 x flying saucers, 2 x packets of blackjacks, 2 x packets of fruit salad, 2 x packs of refreshers, 10 x packs mini parma violets, 2 x fizz wiz, 2 x dip dab, 20 x Anglo Bubbly, 5 x traffic light lollies, 2 x giant drumsticks & 1 x large bag of rainbow drops.



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