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Fizzy tongues are a sour fruity and colourful fizzy sweet available to buy from our online sweet shop.

Fizzy Sweets

We love, love love fizzy sweets at DaffyDownDilly and fizzy tongues tick all the boxes for us! They’re fruity, tangy, fizzy and sour and sure to get your tastebuds dancing!

They’re nice and big too which can only be a good thing in a sweet so tasty! Sour Tongues are a fantastic fizzy sweet choice on their own, or as part of a pick and mix too. We certainly love them as part of our fizzy sweet box! 

We’re not really too sure why they’re called Fizzy Tongues as they don’t really look like a tongue. That’s only a bonus though really in a sweet we think. Well worth a try if you haven’t indulged before!



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Sugar, glucose syrup, wheat starch, water, modified maize starch, acids: E260; E270; E296, modified potato starch, flavourings, colours: E100; E120; E150d; E160e


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