Spogs (Jelly Aniseed Buttons) Sweets

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Fabulous pink and blue aniseed Jelly Button Sweets or Spogs are available to buy online right this second from our UK award winning sweet shop.

Traditional sweets

Spogs are the sweets with a soft jelly texture inside, and a pink or blue crunchy outer. So Spogs are a favourite Aniseed flavoured sweet treat and are often customers favourite Liquorice Allsort component.

It’s fab to be able to buy these individually don’t you think? Liquorice is one of our bestselling sweets and if you’re a fan, you can find our full selection here. 

Of course a liquorice selection is the ideal choice for a gift or a sweet indulgence and there’s plenty to choose from at DaffyDownDilly. From Double Salt to Pontefract Cakes and Liquorice Torpedoes – what do you fancy?

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Sugar, glucose syrup, nonpareille (sugar, wheat starch, glucose syrup, colours, beetroot juice, concentrate of spirulina, vegetable oil, beeswax, water, gelling agent, gelatine, fructose, corn starch, flavouring

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