Sugar Free Fruit Drops




Wrapped sugar free Fruit Drops are available to buy from our online sweet shop.

Sugar Free Sweets

All of our sugar free sweets are suitable for both diabetics and the weight conscious. Sugar Free Fruit Drops are a lovely boiled sweet but sugar free! Brilliant huh? They taste ace and we honestly can’t tell the difference – these are fab!

Fruit drops are a favourite traditional sweet. So with these sugar free sweets you’re in for a treat. There’s a good mix of flavours and colours and ech sweet is individually wrapped too.

So if you of someone you’re thinking about is looking for a sweet treat without sugar, look no further!

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sweetener, isomalt, citric acid, flavourings, colours, beetroot red, chlorophyll, curcumin, paprika extract, vegetable carbon black, Acesulfame k


Due to sweetners used please be aware that excessive condumption may have a laxative effect


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