Sugar-free (diabetic)Sweets

Our fantastic selection of sugar-free sweets is available for you to enjoy here.

We are proud to offer a choice of quality sweets suitable for anyone diabetic from our Sweet Shop.

Across Europe, Sugar-Free sweets have seen a massive increase in popularity over recent years. Subsequently, choice and flavours have become much better and more varied. Brilliant we think, and now available from Daffy-down-dilly to anyone wishing to buy sweets online throughout the UK!

We are delighted to be able to offer a really popular range of 26 sugar-free sweet options. From wrapped traditional boiled sweets to jellies, we have a sugar-free sweet to appeal to all ages and tastes.

Our sugar-free sweets are suitable for diabetics or those looking to watch their weight. We personally love the mint humbug – it’s amazingly good, even down to the chewy minty centre.

So… in usual style, the 5 most popular sugar-free sweets at DaffyDownDilly are…

Number 5 is Sugar-free Sherbet Lemons. A crunchy boiled sweet with a delicious Lemon flavour and a zingy sherbet centre. Refreshing and delicious and indivually wrapped, so no sticking together either!

At number 4 it’s Cola Bottles. A popular sugar-free choice for all ages, not just our younger customers. It’s good to see a jelly in the top 5! Our sugar-free cola bottles have an authentic flavour and a perfect chew.

In at number 3 is Liquorice Drops. A hard boiled, individually wrapped sugar free sweet with a fabulous liquorice flavour. A great sucky sweet choice.

At number 2 in our sugar-free sweet chart is Strawberries and Cream. This is a creamy and fruity boiled sweet, another great sucky sweet with a fab traditional flavour.

And the most popular sugar-free sweet at DaffyDownDilly? Well, that’s a clear one for sure. It’s our sugar-free mint humbug. Our favourite and definitely our customers top choice too – have you tried one yet?