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DaffyDownDilly sweet shop Franchise Opportunity

Staff photo inside Daffy-down-dilly showing a selection of American chewing gums and featuring Natalie Brittain and Lucy Coles

Our DaffyDownDilly Franchise Opportunity.

If you’re keen to start up your own business to enjoy all the benefits of working for yourself and you don’t have business experience it’s a jolly good idea not to underestimate the challenges of doing so successfully on your own.

Franchising is a proven, safer, way of going into business. More and more aspiring business owners are realising their dreams of setting up in business, or expanding their business and growing their revenues, through franchising.

Becoming a franchisee basically means that you run your own business – but very importantly you’re not on your own. You will always have someone there for you who’s ‘been there and done that’ to advise and guide you.

Why not consider buying into a proven franchise business model, which can eliminate many of the risks and challenges of setting up on your own? If you choose your franchise wisely, you will also benefit from the invaluable initial and on-going advice, training and support provided by your franchisor.

Franchising is an arrangement where the franchisor grants you the right to use an established trademark or business name and corporate image along with a proven business operating system. This gives you with an immediate competitive edge, which should help ensure success in your new venture and move you into profit more quickly.

One of the really significant things to consider about going into business yourself or buying into a franchise is to make sure that you’re going to enjoy what you’re doing. That sounds pretty obvious but a lot of people do make the mistake of looking only at income potential. Whilst that is, of course, important, it’s also crucial to ensure that you’re going to enjoy the lifestyle.

Daffy-down-dilly was launched in Sidmouth, Devon, as a High Street confectioner early in 2014.

The aim was to create a modern, bright, cheerful sweet shop with an exciting atmosphere that would appeal to all age groups. The shop offers a superb selection of quality retro sweets, traditional sweets, sugar-free sweets and popular American candy. It provides an enjoyable, friendly, shopping experience where the customer is king!

DDD Shop July 2015 low res

The Daffy-down-dilly sweet shop has proven to be incredibly popular with local people as well as the many visitors to the town. Repeat business from the sale of sweets, treats and confectionery gifts is driving up second year takings, some weeks by over 60%!

If you’re looking for real enjoyment and satisfaction running a business, you should consider contacting Daffy-down-dilly to find out about franchising opportunities in your area. Because the company is now looking for initial expressions of interest in opening a Daffy-down-dilly shop as a further pilot franchise.

FCL Logo accredted

If you compare the potential lifestyle you could have running a Daffy-down-dilly sweet shop franchise with any other franchise opportunity you might be considering, you will understand the importance of making the right choice.

All Daffy-down-dilly sweet shop customers are excited about the choices available to them in the shop. They look forward to either enjoying a delicious sweet treat themselves or giving that treat to someone else to enjoy. The delight shown on the faces of customers and the lovely comments they make about the shop is alone enough to make running the business a real joy and pleasure!

Natalie Brittain and Lucy Coles March 15 low res

The company has recently launched an on-line sweet shop at Future franchisees will be given the opportunity to enjoy a relatively passive additional income derived from that website.

If you would like to know more please contact the Daffy-down-dilly Franchise Director, Gordon Blood, on 07762 827027 for an initial discussion.

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