From the good old fashioned to the more modern mint choices.

Our selection of mints is second to none and available to buy online from our Award Winning Uk sweet shop.

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Beautiful fresh and stripy – black and white mints

You know that freshly laundered sheets feeling? Our mints are a breath of fresh air.

Traditional, boiled, chewy, crunchy but all very, very minty!

From Mintoes, to Everton Mints and even fantastic Uncle Joes Mintballs and Peppermint Creams, we’ve got a mint for every taste.


2 thoughts on “Mints

  1. Wondering if you can help me, a lot of years ago when on holiday in Oxwich Bay we bought small jars of tiny mint sweets, not much bigger than millions, they were not chewy.
    Can’t find anything like them, is this something you know?

    1. Hi Sue, Thank you for the enquiry – I do think I know what mints you mean but unfortunately I haven’t seen them for a long time. I wish you luck finding them – sweets that you remember are always such a treat! Natalie x

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