Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DaffyDownDilly

Where is your sweet shop based?

DaffyDownDilly, our sweet shop is based in the beautiful seaside town of Sidmouth in Devon. We count our blessings all the time that we are lucky enough to live and work in this stunning part of the county. All our online sweet orders are packed and dispatched from our shop by trained staff. We hold a 5* Food Hygiene Rating as assessed by the Food Standards Agency so you can rest assured that we ensure that you only receive the very best in quality confectionery.

What type of Sweets do you sell?

We have a huge range of sweets in stock. More than 350 sweet jars are in use currently. They contain everything from jelly and fizzy sweets to the best Chocolate Brazils we’ve ever tasted. From Retro sweets and Traditional sweet favourites such as kola cubes, ABC letters and award winning Rhubarb and Custards to Lucky Charms! Our range of quality Sugar-Free sweets are increasingly popular too. We have a large selection of American Sweets and Candy, Jolly Ranchers aplenty and our fridge is full of fabulous drinks from the States. Fanta Grape and Arizona Teas are amongst the most popular! We even occasionally stock a little Japanese Candy – I can’t resist it!

How long have you been open for?

We opened our doors in April 2014 – it’s been amazing! We love our fantastic customers and our work. Who wouldn’t love working with sweets?! Our online sweet shop offers our lovely customers that opportunity to buy sweets online at any time of the day or night and is a popular option for many. We deliver throughout the UK and all orders over the value of £30, all retro sweet hampers and American Candy Hampers qualify for FREE delivery.

What are your most popular Sweets?

We have outstandingly popular sweets in each category really that appeal to different age groups and customer requirements. For younger customers the most popular would certainly be fizzy and jelly sweets. Older customers might prefer a retro sweet selection or liquorice. An across the board popular choice is something from our range of bonbon sweets which really do appeal to all age groups. We have traditional toffee, strawberry and lemon along with chewy blue raspberry and watermelon bonbons. Check out our full range of bonbons here! 

Do you buy all of your sweets from the same place?

No we don’t. We have carefully sourced the very best in sweets from multiple suppliers which allows us to provide a choice of what we believe are the very best sweets available. It’s complicated but worth it!

What options do you have for presenting your sweets? I’d like to buy some for a present.

We have many choices for presentation and we’re always keen to make our sweets look the best they can be! From our usual paper bag, to clear cellophane bags that can be tied with ribbons of your choice, to jars of various sized that can be presented with a personalised label if you like, to cone bags, sweet party bags, hampers and sweet kilo boxes… and a whole lot more, there’s a lot of choice and we’re always happy to advise and help to  make sure you get exactly the sweet gift you’re looking for.

What are your Sugar-Free Sweets like?

We have an extensive range of Sugar-Frees and they are extremely popular amongst diabetics and those who are watching their weight. While not calorie free, they certainly are lower in calories than a standard sweet and a good option. Our Sugar-Free Mint Humbugs for example are as popular as their sugary counterparts and our customers say they’re delicious.

What are your best American Sweets?

We love our sweet selection from across the pond… Nerds are always popular and a great starting point if you’re trying American Candy for the first time. Peanut Butter is an incredibly popular purchase, whether it’s Reeces, Peanut Butter Twix or Peanut Butter Snickers we have a great range to choose from.

Do you offer a wholesale service for businesses?

Yes we do. Please visit our wholesale FAQs page for more information.

And finally, the most frequently asked question about our sweet shop – why are we called DaffyDownDilly?

The name derives from the nursery rhyme – DaffyDownDilly has come to town in a yellow petticoat and a green gown. We were inspired to use the name following the tremendously valuable work being undertaken by the Keith Owen Trust. One of so many local organisations and individuals making Sidmouth the town of a million daffodils. You’ll notice that our brand is strongly influenced by the Daffodil – yellow and green is pretty much everywhere… it’s always Spring at Daffy!