DaffyDownDilly has carefully chosen a super quality range of liquorice just for you

Now available to buy online from our award winning UK sweet shop. Like liquorice? You’re going to love this!

We are constantly amazed by the popularity of our liquorice – scrummy.

Liquorice selection box

From traditional Liquorice Allsorts and shiny Aniseed Balls, to imported Dutch Double Salt Liquorice (yum!). And a selection jar to boot for those diehard liquorice lovers – yes, we know you’re out there. DaffyDownDilly has the perfect choice for you!


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is your most popular Liquorice?

We have a grand selection of Liquorice that appeals to most people with a taste for the black stuff! Our bestselling Liquorice is our Double Salt. It’s really delicious and not as salty as the Scandinavian Liquorice but extremely palatable. Pontefract cakes are a good choice if you’re looking for a softer Liquorice. We believe they may have been the very first type of ‘sweet’ made of the combination of Liquorice and sugar. Of course Bassetti Liquorice Pipes are a timeless classic sweet if you like a harder liquorice. And Catherine Wheels just make me smile. What could beat unwinding one of this coiled Liquorice delights until the central spot is free. It’s childhood memories all over for me. The choice is yours!!

  • What’s happened to the traditional Sherbet Fountain?

Well it still contains a liquorice stick, but it’s now enclosed within the packaging rather than poking out of the packet like it used to. We often make a ‘Sherbet Fountain’ for our customers with Cream Soda and a Liquorice stick – delicious!!

  • Why do you sell Mini Liquorice Allsorts?

That’s an easy one – they’re delicious! We love the mix of traditional Liquorice contained in these, soft, squidgy and yummy and of course with plenty of those fabby Spogs (Aniseed Buttons).

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