Packets of sweets

We know that everyone loves packets of sweets, so here they are – available now to buy online from our Award Winning UK sweet shop

Fizz Wizz, Refreshers, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads… we have them all!

Fill your pockets with our wide range of packets of sweets!

Often real childhood favourite sweets, packets are great for sharing and sherbet! Sherbet Fountains are probably one of our most popular sweet packet, and with their combination of sour fruity sherbet and liquorice, we can see why! Remember these?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your most popular packet of Sweets?

We have a lovely range of sweet packets, and our most popular are Sherbet Fountains and Fizz Wizz – fabulous fruit flavoured Popping Candy. It’s great fun straight from the packet but also brilliant for decorating cakes and even on top of ice cream for a pop bang surprise! I can remember Popping Candy as a child and still enjoy it now – great fun!

  • Are all of your Packet Sweets Retro?

Most of our packets are Retro and we think the best! There’s a place in everyones pocket for a few packets of sweets fizzy Refreshers, or Love Hearts we think. And who doesn’t remember Black Jacks and Fruit Salads? Often bought together by our customers for a full 80’s Retro Sweet experience!

We do have newer packets of sweets too though – Camel Balls certainly weren’t around when I was a child but they’re becoming a firm favourite now and will definitely have fond memories for adults of the future when they’re thinking about their own childhood favourites.

  • What’s your favourite in amongst all the Packets of Sweets?

For me, it’s a Dip Dab – remember that scrummy sherbet with the fruit lolly? Brilliant combination I think… closely followed by Sherbet Fountains, but of a sherbet theme there actually!


Double Dip packets of sweets
Double Dip orange and cherry flavour sherbet with a stick for dipping
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