Complete Piñatas as party packs including a great selection of wrapped sweets.

Now available to buy online from our UK Award Winning Sweet Shop.

Our authentic Mexican Piñatas have been so amazingly popular in our sweet shop, we thought we would pop them on here too!

Guaranteed to help your party go with a bang, Piñatas are great fun for all ages. Our Pack includes a design of your choice, a basher stick and a blindfold along with 500g of wrapped sweets. Everything you need for party fun!

a blindfolded child having a great time trying to break open Piñatas that has been filled with sweets

The only thing to decide is which Piñata you’d like – perhaps a Bee Piñata, or a Butterfly.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you make your Piñatas yourselves?

We don’t, they are imported from Mexico and are a really super quality with bright vibrant colours and designs.

  • What can you put in your Piñatas?

That’s entirely up to you – we would suggest sweets (obviously!!) and this works well. We have also had customers who fill their piñatas with confetti and glitter as well as a selection of sweet stuff. These look incredible when you do manage to bash them open. Colour themed designs at weddings and parties are a real winner.

  • What is the idea?

Piñatas were originally created to celebrate a successful Harvest and the feeling of bounty is clearly derived from this. Today, they are a great party game where participants are often blindfolded. Then its a bashing stick and directions from other guests as to where to hit. Only a strong direct hit will bash open these Piñatas which means there’s lots of opportunity for everyone to get a go! Once opened, the sweets inside the Piñatas will cascade down to the floor and the scramble for goodies can begin!

  • What age group are they suitable for?

We would say Piñatas are suitable in one form or another for any age group. At DaffyDownDilly we have the traditional Piñatas to bash open. We also sell a more gentle pull string alternative where one ribbon out of many will open the base of the Piñata allowing the sweets to fall out. It’s a random affair and does’t involve a stick so something that some people may feel is more suitable for younger children to participate in.

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