Retro Sweets

Take a look at our fantastic range of delicious retro sweets now available to buy online from our award winning UK sweet shop

An awesome collection of retro sweets from way down memory lane. Each one chosen specially to remind you of days gone by. Our favourite is Anglo Bubbly! Remember the brilliant bubble gum that blew bubbles so huge you spent hours picking it out of your hair?! We certainly do!

From Chewing Nuts to Sweet Tobacco and Candy Sticks, our retro sweet range is packed full of quality sweets and goodies sure to bring back childhood memories.

Select your favourites individually, or why not have a look at one of our brilliant retro hampers? An amazing and personal gift for someone special. Order your retro sweet gifts from UK now!

Close up shot of retro sweets in a hamper

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What makes a good Retro Sweet?

Well, we think it’s a combination of factors. It’s got to be something that everyone remembers from their childhood. At the moment it seems to be 1980’s sweets that are topping the popularity charts. And then it’s got to look, smell and taste as much like the original sweet as possible. That’s what really does it. Flying Saucers for example, delicious! But they have to be as sour and tangy as they were back in the 80’s to really qualify as a good retro sweet choice.

  • Do you think the change in packaging on some Retro Sweets is a good thing?

Personally I’d like to see everything just the same as it was when I was a child. But I guess that’s not possible really with changes in manufacturing techniques, costings and ingredient legislation changes. Shame really. But we do have some corkers even if some of them do look a bit different to the way they did in 1985!

  • What make the best Retro Sweet present?

That’s an easy one, it has to be one of our Retro Sweet Hampers. Packed to bursting with the very best in Retro Sweets and guaranteed to bring an enjoyable trip down memory lane for the lucky recipient.

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