We hope you enjoy looking through our sweet shop’s delicious range of chocolate treats and goodies!

A super range of quality chocolate available to buy from our Award Winning UK sweet shop. Why not buy some today?

We think that a lovely way to buy chocolate is by by the 100g. And you can mix and match as much as you like for the best sweet treat. We love the dark chocolate raisins and ginger particularly. The quality, real coating really compliments the tasty filling.

We have carefully selected a range of quality choc to offer to our customers. From honeycomb and scrumptious chocolate raisins to snowies and jazzies and delicious pink and white mice, the choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions.
  • How do your orders from jars arrive?

We take great care to pack all of our sweet orders in the best way possible to ensure they arrive with our lovely customers in tip top condition. Our loose chocs such as Snowies and Chocolate Pebbles for example are carefully packed into quality clear bags to the customers desired weight. We have found these bags keep all our quality sweet products in the best possible condition. Our presentation is great so you will be able to buy for yourself or as a gift for someone special without any worry.

Snowies chocolate buttons are a traditional sweet often enjoyed with Jazzies
Snowies and Jazzies are super popular Chocolates choices!
  • What’s your most popular chocolate?

Apart from our American choices which are incredibly popular. I think pink and white mice, Snowies, Jazzies and Pebbles are amongst our most popular chocolates. Along with our fabulous dark and milk Brazils and Raisins. If you’re a fan of dark chocolates you really should try our dark raisins, we think they are fabulous.

  • Do your customers like to mix up their chocolates?

Absolutely they do, Snowies and Jazzies together are a brilliant combination we think. And we’re always happy to combine any sweets that our customers choose. We do a fab cone bag too that is an amazing gift or makes the perfect quality party favours. Popular with everyone and we’re flexible too as all of our products are made up to order so you can choose exactly what you want – brilliant!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. Hi. It’s great that you have a selection of sugar free sweets, how about some sugar free chocolate treats too?

    1. Many thanks for your comment Karen – you’re quite right and we will look into popping a selection of sugar free chocolates online! Natalie x

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