Jelly Sweets and Gummy Sweets

We have a wonderful range of quality traditional, retro and modern jelly and gummy sweets available to buy online from our award winning UK sweet shop!

Soft, squishy, fruity and yummy… a great collection of our sweet shop’s most popular jelly and gummy sweets.

Who doesn’t love varieties of jelly and gummy sweets such as Giant Strawberries and Happy Cherries, or Jelly Bones, Yellow Bellies and Heart Throbs?

Yellow Bellies Jelly Sweets - a jelly sweet favourite in their bright colours, but mostly because they are soooo long!
Yellow Bellies jelly sweets – a favourite amongst children of all ages!

The favourites of many and definitely not just for little people!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What makes a good Gummy Sweet?

For us it’s a flavour and texture combination. A good gummy jelly sweet should have a fabulous flavour that lasts and can be soft or firmer and more chewy. Lots of Jelly sweets are made by Haribo – they are the masters of Jelly Sweet production some say, and they certainly know how to produce a good jelly sweet that meets the above criteria. Giant Strawberries, Yellow Bellies, Teddy Bears and Fruity Frogs have to be up there as some of the most popular in our shop. For a softer chew try Psycho Mice or Jelly Bones, both delicious and flavoursome with a little less of a chewy texture.

Colourful and tasty jelly sweets in a fun mouse shape
Psycho Mice jelly sweets are fantastically popular as a colourful and fruity sweet – great for decorating cakes too!
  • Are Jelly Sweets just for children?

Most definitely not! Jelly sweets are super popular with little ones of course, but they are certainly not alone and Jelly sweets fly out of the door in the hands of children of all ages!

  • What’s your most popular jelly sweet?

Why are all of our jelly sweets so popular?

We regularly put together a jelly sweet pick and mix for our customers who really love them! Our most popular jelly sweet is probably Haribo Jelly Babies – we sell the mini ones and they are just devine! Closely followed by Yellow Bellies and Love Hearts… Jelly Bones are up there too – fruity and scrummy! A surprisingly popular Jelly Sweet is Psychodelic Mice, or Psycho Mice as well like to call them! Their bright blue colour and soft and fruity flavour makes them a really jelly sweet winner. We think it’s the variety and quality of our gummy treats that make them so popular.

Happy Cherries sweets are a popular jelly sweet made by our friends at Haribo. This image shows a delicious and juicy pile of cherries
Haribo Happy Cherries certainly make us smile!

Our most popular jelly sweet seller is our Jelly Sweet cone bag. We mix them up for you and arrange them beautifully in a cone bag and tie them with ribbons which makes them perfect for parties, a gift or just to enjoy yourself. They’re a super popular choice and we love making them too!

Or our exclusively gummy and jelly sweet selection box – awesome indeed!

Check this out…

A fantastic selection of jelly and gummy sweets in a quality presentation box
A whopping 1 kilo of mixed jelly and gummy sweets… and nothing else! Sweet heaven for any jelly lover…

Our presentation sweet boxes are super popular. And it’s easy to see why! From pick and mix sweets to Liquorice collections. Fizzy sweets and Sugar-free boxes, it’s all there. Beautifully presented in a quality gift box and hand finished with coordinating ribbons. This is an awesome collection of jelly sweets. Psycho Mice, Brains, Jelly Babies, Baby Dolphins, Giant Strawberries, Happy Cherries. Friendship rings, berries, black and red gums, Heart Throbs… the list goes on! It’s a real indulgence box, perfect for a present or a sweet treat.

And we are delighted to introduce you to our new jelly sweet pick and mix additions too. Never ones to stand still, DaffyDownDilly has added so many new gummy sweets and soft and fruity jelly sweets – well worth checking out. From Juicy Lips to Swirly Fish – soft and squishy jellies, to Beach Mix and awesome jelly watermelon slices to name just a few. Fruity and delicious sweet flavours and gummy sweet textures to suit all palettes and preferences. Pick and mix jelly sweets just got even more appealing! 

Why choose your jelly sweets from DaffyDownDilly?

We think we’re perfectly placed to help with jelly and gummy sweets. DaffyDownDilly have a huge range of quality sweets to choose from and are experienced Confectioners. We love sweets and will also do our utmost to help. Our presentation skills mean that we’re well placed to prepare gifts for loved ones too. We have a 5* food hygiene rating which we’re very proud of. And we have a real sweet shop! So if you want your sweets to come from a real shop – here have a look…

Photo taken from the outside of DaffyDownDilly sweet shop showing much of our sweet jars and American candy stock
DaffyDownDilly, Sidmouth. Award winning, independent sweet shop! How many jars?!

Then DaffyDownDilly is the one for you. Give our customer service a try and let us blow your mind!

So whether you’re looking for sublime jelly sweets or super duper fizzy whizzy fizzy sweets, or fabulous traditional sweets, the most exciting range of retro sweets since we don’t know when, or presentation sweet gifts or retro sweet hampers to name just a few, we have it all! Have a look, we think you’ll like what you see. Buy sweets online with confidence!

Watermelon Jelly sweets
Delicious and colourful watermelon jelly sweets

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