Traditional Boiled Sweets

DaffyDownDilly have used our considerable confectionery experience to source the very best in traditional boiled sweets just for you.

All available to buy from our award winning UK sweet shop.

Traditional boiled sweets are so very popular. From award winning Rhubarb and Custard to Pear Drops, we have them all. So if you’re a fan of a great old fashioned boiled sweet we’ll have just the one for you. Or if you just fancy a trip down memory lane, DaffyDownDilly is sure to have just the sweet treat to make your day.

After all, we think you have to go a long, long way to beat a quality Sherbet Lemon. One of our favourite boiled sweets – yum!

Sherbet Lemons boiled Sweets are a traditional boiled sweet with a lemon outer and a sherbet centre, beautiful in bright yellow, ours are wrapped to avoid stickiness

We love Traditional sweets so much, we even blog about them!!

Frequently Asked Questions.
  • What makes a good traditional boiled sweet?

At Daffy-down-dilly Confectioners we take great care to select the very best sweets available across our huge range. Of course, Traditional Boiled Sweets are no exception to this rule. We look for the best flavours possible that will meet the expectations of our discerning customers. With any traditional sweet, the most original flavour and appearance possible is key we think. After all tradition is all about what you remember and we want to recreate those memories!

  • What is your most popular Traditional Sweet?

Good question, it’s either Sherbet Lemons, Fruit Drops or Rhubarb and Custards. Lots of our sweet shop customers go for all three so it’s a good indication that that they love boiled sweets for one. And that our range is pretty special.

  • Do you like wrapped or unwrapped boiled sweets best?

Thats a little more tricky. I think both wrapped and unwrapped boiled sweets have their place, we all know that a real Sherbet Pip will stick to the bag in time and no one really minds do they… it’s part of the tradition after all!

  • Can we have a Traditional Quarter or a half?

Yes you can… most of our shop customers ask for a quarter of their favourite sweets and we’re more than happy to oblige – we do flip it into grams but we can give you 118gms or a traditional quarter.

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