Millions Sweets

So popular are Millions Sweets in our UK sweet shop, we had to give them their own category to ensure they were available to buy online!

Fruity and full flavoured Millions are a real favourite amongst customers of all ages.

How many?

Millions of course!

Tiny, teeny, weeny little chewy sweets, these are brilliant – gluten free and vegetarian and totally scrumptious.

What’s your favourite Millions flavour? We stock them all so whether it’s bubblegum, cola, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, blackcurrant buzz or raspberry, you can choose just one, or mix them to add a little spice to your sweet life!!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Which is your favourite flavour of Millions?

For me it’s Apple, they’re fresh and fruity and I love the shade of green that they have, it’s a beautiful pastel shade and compliments lots of other sweets in both colour and flavour.

  • Are all of the Millions flavours you stock suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes they certainly are. It’s one of the major appeals for a lot of people, that and the size of these super sweets which means of course that you get a lot of them for your money!

  • I’m a celiac, can I eat Millions?

All of our Millions flavours are gluten free sweets.

  • Do you send Millions in paper bags or in clear ones?

We pack and dispatch all of our online orders in clear bags which means they are instantly suitable as gifts too.

  • How much is in one of your Millions jars?

The Millions jars are really popular and contain nearly 500g of Millions of your choice. Just the thing for a serious sweet fan!


4 thoughts on “Millions Sweets

  1. Please can you make sugar free flavours too for diabetics

    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment – I’m afraid that Millions are not currently available as sugar free sweets. It may be worth your contacting the company that makes them though 🙂 We do have a fantastic range of sugar free sweets that are suitable for diabetics though! Hope that helps, Natalie x

  2. How many millions are in a packet off millions?

    1. Oh Millions 😂
      All done by weight fortunately as counting those little sweets would be tricky! X

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