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Rotten Egg anyone?! Bean Boozled

So… this summer in Sidmouth there has been a definite trend towards the more adventurous flavour sweets…

It’s fascinating to watch the queues of eager smiling people ready to put themselves through the Bean Boozled challenge. Or participate in a Bertie Botts Beans or mega sour contest!

While we continue to sell copious amounts of traditional and retro sweets, the growing army of vomit and rotten egg bean seekers has amazed us!

Bean Boozled

We particularly enjoy the Bean Boozled Spinner game. Adding a random element definitely increases the risk of a bad bean!

Rest assured Daffy-Down-Dilly has plenty of stock to keep you all going and we are currently looking to recruit local volunteers for a bean and mega sour challenge to feature on our new utube channel… you know where to come… if you dare!



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