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Sweet choice at Daffy-down-dilly

An internal photo of our Devon based sweet shop showing some of our 350 sweet jars and various rocks and pinatas

At our Devon sweet shop, we have well in excess of 300 jars of loose sweets to choose from.

And absolutely no minimum purchase requirement.

So our customers are free to mix and match from our sweet treats as much as they want to!

It’s well worth it when you see the smiles on particularly children’s faces when they know they can have several different types of sweets for their pocket money.

We aim to create a friendly and comfortable environment where no one feels hurried to choose, after all with so many jars or eye-catching and tasty delights and of course our extensive range of sweet packets and American imported candy, it can be a time consuming process.

Blue-Raspberry-BonbonsHappy Cherries

For customers who find choosing tricky, we have created a lucky dip bag filled with a selection of favourite sweets that’s ready to go.

Personally, I never tire of witnessing the ‘wow’ factor when new customers come through the door. It’s something we take great pride in achieving and always have at the forefront our minds when changing the store layout or considering new product lines.

Packets bars sweets confectionery category Daffy Down DillyAmerican gum confectionery category Daffy Down DillyAmerican candy confectionery category Daffy Down Dilly


After all, choosing sweets is a fun and exciting part of the week and we want to make sure it always stays that way.

So pop in, take your time and have a good look – we will never make you feel rushed!

We love it as much as you do!




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