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Delicious really milk chocolate coated peanuts

What is it about chocolate?

It’s a well-known fact amongst confectioners that sales of the brown stuff always go up in the winter…

We’re always interested in why our customers choose the sweets that they do. We have an awful lot to choose from so why chocolate raisins and not coated cinder toffee? Why Chewing Nuts?

Chewing Nuts

And why do we ‘just fancy a bit of chocolate’?

Well there’s definitely a degree of tradition – Chocolate Brazils at Christmas, right? And nostalgia plays a huge part. Those sweets and treats that we loved as children are usually the first ones that we will pick for an adult treat.

Dark Chocolate BrazilsMilk Chocolate Brazils


We’ve been making quality Belgium heart lollies ready for Valentines Day in store this week and seriously the smell is incredible. I wonder if smell is enough to trigger the endorphins and serotonin that scientists talk about cacao releasing in our brain?

Valentines mug

So as the cold winter weather finally hits in Devon, we’re anticipating our chocolate will continue to sell brilliantly as we all look for a pick me up.

Our number one comfort food!


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