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Animal sweets – they’re crazy good!

Giant dolphin jelly sweets are a popular traditional jelly sweet in a dolphin shape. They are large, as you would expect and an attractive blue and white colour with a lovely sweet flavour
Delicious jelly animal sweets in the shape of dolphins

Booming ever increasingly popular is our range of animal sweets and we wanted to bring them all together so you can choose your favourites with ease 🙂 So we wanted to start with the ever popular jelly sweets in the shape of Giant Dolphins – soft and squishy jelly texture with a delicious blue raspberry flavour, they are a must have animal sweet!

And of course, we mustn’t forget their baby dolphin friends – tiny blue and white jelly dolphins that are similar in texture and flavour, just very much smaller than a giant dolphin – no real surprise there!

Haribo Yellow Belly snake animal sweets
Snake shaped jelly sweets made by Haribo

And also popular with children of all ages is the famous Yellow Belly snake – a Haribo delight of colourful soft jelly. They are a massive sweet which definitely adds to their appeal! And if you are after snake sweets specifically, you must take a look at our Anacondas… they even feature scales!

Sour worm sweets with fizz
Worm shaped sour and fizzy sweets with real zing!

Now time for one of our fizzy animal sweets, Sour worms! Truly a mouthwatering delight with a fizzy, sour and fruity flavour – don’t let the colourful wormy shape put you off!! Combinations of green, yellow, red and orange colours make these worm sweets stand out and they absolutely belong in a pick and mix selection.

Snail shaped jelly sweets
Snail shaped jelly sweets in various colours

Ok, so garden snails may not be exactly the first animal you think of when dreaming of a sweet… but these are really fun jelly sweets. We’ve popped them into jellies too and they are ace! Their little shells and tummies are filled with soft and fruity jelly which make them really morish. Great for Halloween of course, but we’ve also seem them atop a garden themed cake and they looked awesome!

Chicken feet animal sweets
Brightly coloured chicken feet shaped jelly sweets

Chicken feet? Jelly chicken feet? Yep, and they are actually much nicer than you might think 🙂 Colourful, eyecathing and different and a little bit gross looking too – all helps with the appeal don’t you think?

Spider shaped fizzy sweets
more cute than creepy, spider shaped fruity flavoured spider sweets

And now mack to a fizzy sweet choice – Jelly fizzy spider sweets – much to good to just leave for Halloween folks, they are yum and even the spider thing doesn’t seem so bad 🙂

Chocolate Pandas
The cutest little panda shaped chocolates in chocolate and cream flavours

And also worthy of a mention in our animal sweets section – chocolate pandas! Super cute mixed milk and white chocolates in the shape of friendly pandas. Really, really popular chocolates amongst our younger customers, they are hard to beat. A great mix of chocolate flavours for you to try…

Vegan Meerkat sweets
Jelly sweets in the shape of meerkats that are vegan sweets

And one suitable for vegans of course, delicious fruity jelly Meerkat sweets are simply fantastic animal sweets. Looking rather like a meerkat on guard duty our jelly meerkats are irresistible jelly sweets in a great range of colourful shades and combinations. You’ll love them as much as we do!

Our Super Shrimps sweets are just as you remember them. Not foamy in any way, just a good traditional shrimp sweet.
Large and traditional shrimp sweets – a seaside favourite

And now for animal sweets that remind us of the seaside – Super Shrimps are large candies often choosen with Bumper bananas… one is definitely not enough and if you’re looking for the real shrimps that taste just as you remember, these are the ones!

Psychedelic Mice
Colourful jelly mice sweets

And we’d like to finish our little collection of animal sweets with our personal favourite… psycho mice jelly sweets. We just love them… colourful fruity mice shaped jelly sweets and we’ve shortened their real team (Psychodelic Mice) to Psycho mice just for fun! Introducing our latest addition to the animal sweets collection: Psycho Mice Jelly Sweets! These colorful fruity mice-shaped jellies are an absolute delight. In addition to the Psycho Mice, we offer an extensive animal pick and mix assortment. Indulge in a beautifully presented, customizable 600g bag filled with an array of sweets including fish, snails, mice, spiders, and more. With a perfect combination of fizzy and jelly sweets, all with an animal theme, DaffyDownDilly provides quality treats for any occasion.

And, if you’re after an animal sweets pick and mix we’ve got you – Animal pick and mix

A beautifully presented, packed to order large bag of 600g of assorted animal sweets 🙂 Fish, Snails, mice and spiders and many more nestled together for your sweet treat enjoyment! A great mix of fizzy sweets and jelly sweets with one thing in common, apart from their deliciousness of course… they’re all animal sweets! So whether you want tot choose your own selection perfect for a party or Halloween or would prefer your animal mix all ready to go, DaffyDownDilly can help. Quality sweets at your fingertips!

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