American Gum

Why not have a look at our fantastic selection of American chewing gum.

And American Bubble Gum available to buy online from our Award Winning UK sweet shop.

We have been amazed by the popularity of these packs of imported chewing gum.

Fantabulous flavours that really shouldn’t work, but really, really do. Hubba Bubba Watermelon and Strawberry and Big Red have to be experienced if you are a fan of gum – they are incredible. And as for the long-lasting, tangy fruit flavours… scrumptious.

Big Red Cinnamon Gum is a popular spicy chewing gum from America
Big red cinnamon Gum is one of our most popular American Gums, spicy and hot!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is your bestselling American Gum?

There are a couple of our American Bubble gums that outsell others all the time. Big Red is always a popular choice for those who like a strong and spicy Cinnamon flavour, and Extra Watermelon Gum is also a winner with our customers. Some of our new flavours are also really good. Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry is fabulous and available in both a 6 foot long tape disperser and as pieces in a packet. So perfect for anyone who like a sour flavour to their gum.

  • Which is your favourite?

That has to be Dr. Pepper Cherry Gum made by Hubba Bubba. It’s fantastic and a natural choice for me as I love all things Cherry flavoured.

  • How long are your tapes of Hubba Bubba Gum?

They are a whopping 6 foot long… that’s nearly as tall as my husband who at 6’5″ takes some beating!

  • Are all of your American Gums genuinely from the States?

Yes, they are. All of our American stock is imported directly so you can be assured that you really are getting the genuine article.

  • What’s the best choice for the biggest bubbles?

A very important question this one! We think that the Hubba Bubba pieces are brilliant for huge bubbles and in a great range of flavours too they can make for a very interesting and fun bubble competition! I can remember many days as a child picking pieces of bubblegum out of my hair after a particularly successful bubble blowing effort!

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