Sweet Hampers

DaffyDownDilly has created a fantastic range of sweet hampers

Our sweet hamper collections include retro sweets hampers from the ’70’s and ’80’s. You can choose the exact hamper to indulge yourself or to give to that special someone…

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Bespoke and corporate sweet hampers are also available to buy online from our UK award winning sweet shop!

All our retro sweet hampers UK and sweet hampers are packaged and arranged beautifully. In our sweet shop we really understand how important presentation is!

Of course, if you are looking for genuinely bespoke sweet hampers, we would be delighted to share our expertise with you and create your personal idea of sweet hamper heaven. Please get in touch directly if this appeals.


Use voucher code ‘HAMPER’ at checkout to get FREE DELIVERY.

sweet hampers with retro sweets

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you make up your sweet hampers to order?

Yes we certainly do. We carry a huge range of stock in our sweet shop which enables us to make up all of our orders when they come in. We pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our sweets and candy and are fortunate to have such an amazing shop to pull orders from.

  • How quickly can you dispatch sweet hampers? I need one really quickly.

All sweet hamper orders that are received before 1pm are dispatched the same day. We understand that hampers can be needed in a hurry and work hard to maintain a quick delivery time. Our courier is great and delivers in 48 hours although we can use a next day service if speed is really of the essence!

Corporate hamper customers are particularly keen on this service. Our sweet hampers are a popular choice for a reward for hard working staff, or as a gift from one company to another. Give us a try, a hamper from your boss for doing well in work is guaranteed to be a great incentive.

  • What is your most popular hamper choice?

That depends a lot on the time of year to be honest. Extra large retro sweet hampers fly out at Christmas as they are so full they make a wonderful present for an entire family as well as just one person. Large retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers are popular all year round as they are such an amazing gift to receive. The American Candy hampers give a modern twist to a sweet hamper and look incredible. Or a retro sweet hamper which contains all your childhood favourites is a super option to relieve those wonderful childhood memories.

  • What sort of hampers do you use for your sweets?

We take pride in making sure our packaging is as good as the products that go inside them! Our wicker hampers are quality wicker with leather straps and can be reused many times if you desire. Our more modern sleek black hampers are really attractive especially when wrapped with coordinating ribbons. They are also quality sturdy hampers with a handy magnetic catch. We’re often told our hampers look so good they really don’t need any further wrapping!

  • Which sweet hamper would you choose?

For me it would be a retro sweet hamper. All of my favourites in there, from candy sticks to rhubarb and custards and Sherbet Lemons, Dip Dabs and Fizz Wizz. It’s like the best trip to your favourite sweet shop all in a lovely wicker hamper and ready to enjoy!

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