American Sweet Hampers

We hope you enjoy looking through our range of fabulous American sweet hampers. Available from our online sweet shop right now!

American Sweet Hampers (or American Candy Hampers as the Americans say) are the perfect idea for an alternative sweet gift!

We are really excited to bring you an awesome selection of fantastic American candy hampers containing exclusively American candy and American foods. We wanted to give our customers the opportunity to buy from our award winning American sweet shop online.

Contents are varied, fun and delicious – the best of what we sell in our shop. Our Regular and Large American candy Hampers are beautifully packaged in attractive and sturdy black boxes with magnetic closure. Perfect to keep and use again and our Supersize American Hamper comes in a quality wicker hamper.

Each of our American sweet hampers is filled to the brim with fantastic authentic American goodies. From Nerds to Razzles, Baby Ruth’s and Snickers and Runts to Twinkies and Lucky Charms. The perfect gift for someone special from our American candy and sweet shop online.

Have a gander because we think you will absolutely love our American Sweet Hampers!

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Are these hampers just made with American sweets and chocolate?

Yes, they are. All of the contents in our American sweet hampers are imported from the States and entirely genuine. It’s important to us that our customers experience the very best confectionery available and these hampers are exclusive designed with American candy fans in mind! We do assorted hampers too which are perfect for those who love sweets in general or who would just like to try American Sweets for the first time. These are available right here

  • What is it do you think that makes American candy so popular?

It’s a combination of factors in my opinion. American candy can be a fantastic reminder of the best holidays in America and this make them an awesome gift! It’s also quite radically different to any confectionery available as standard in England in both flavour and packaging. That makes it a go-to choice when you’re looking for something a little different. And of course, for American ex-pats living in the UK, they can get all their favourites delivered to remind them of home. Give us a call if you are missing something in particular, and we will bend over backwards to help.

  • Why are your American sweet hampers and gifts so popular?

We like to think it’s because of the care we put into the presentation and contents of each and every one. At DaffyDownDilly we understand that most hampers are bought as gifts. So it’s super important that they look and taste incredible. As our company has grown we have gained our customers trust. They know we will only provide the best in sweets, chocolate and presentation.

  • Are your wicker sweet hampers genuine hampers? I’ve seen some that are made of cardboard!

They most certainly are! Our hampers are all quality wicker with leather straps. No pretend hampers here!

  • Can I design my own American sweet hamper contents?

Of course! We’re always happy to help with bespoke items and gifts. We can construct the perfect hamper for you, or guide you if you’re not entirely sure. Just give us an idea and a budget and we will do the rest.

  • Will my hamper arrive safely and still looking good?

Yes, experience tells us that it will. We have strong boxes for dispatch in order to ensure that your order arrives looking just as great as when it left our sweet shop in Devon!

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