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Buy Sweet Hampers Online

Large retro sweet hamper selection

Retro Sweet Hampers and American candy hampers

Did you know that you can buy sweet hampers online from DaffyDownDilly?

Sweet Hampers are a popular option for anyone looking to buy sweets online and we wanted to tell you all about ours!

Quality fizzy sweets, jelly sweets, traditional and retro sweets and chocolate in a fabulous genuine wicker hamper.

It’s one of the best sweet gift options out there!

We’ve been super busy at Daffy HQ taking all new funky photos for our Retro Sweet Hampers and we wanted to share the photographic wizardry that’s been occurring with you!

Check these out… 🙂

Buy sweet hampers online

We love the colourful sweets on display here. From traditional retro sweets such as Sherbet Lemons, Pear Drops and Dolly Mix to Flying Saucers and Fruit Salads. It’s really a demonstration of just how fab our sweet hampers are!

Close up shot of retro sweets in a sweet hamper

So why choose to buy sweet hampers online? Well, they really do make the perfect present or gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Filled with fab treasures and delivered free of charge throughout the UK from our Devon sweet shop. It’s a great way to re-create fantastic childhood memories for someone special.

We have 3 different size retro sweet hamper choices available to customers wishing to buy sweet hampers online. Thus ensuring we cater for a broad range of tastes and budgets too.

All of our hamper options are packed to order with the the care and attention to detail that you will expect from Daffy-down-dilly Confectioners. Our hampers are a first rate quality with genuine leather straps. A gift you’ll be proud to give.

Our in store customers travel from far and wide to purchase our sweets, they really are that good!! In fact, that is the very reason we started our website at

So our fab regular customers don’t have to travel so far for their goodies! And now you can buy sweet hampers online too. 

OK, one last fabulous sweet photo for your delectation…

Close up shot of retro sweets in a hamper

You can find all of our retro sweet hampers and American candy hampers too in our sweet gifts and hampers section and we hope you enjoy browsing and have a Happy Easter break! xx

Credit for all photos must be given to Gordon Blood, my Dad who does such an incredible job. And to my Mum, Barbara Blood who puts up with sweets, lighting and igloos in her Dining Room without a word of complaint.

Thanks Mum and Dad – you rock!!


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