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The timeless appeal of PEZ…

Multicoloured Pez sweets

Thinking back to my childhood, one of the sweets I enjoyed the most, not just for it’s great flavour but also for the seemingly endless collectability of its dispensers was PEZ.

pez 3

Remember trying to safely transfer your 12 sweets from the packet safely into the dispenser without them escaping the column? Easier said than done in my experience my friends, but so worth the effort!

And the dispensers… never enough!

There has definitely been a resurgence of interest in PEZ products in Daffy-down-dilly. Very pleasing to an ex-collector, and a fantastic new range of designs is on offer to please everyone from the avid Star Wars fan to Avengers, Barbie and My Little Pony.

I was fascinated to discover that the first PEZ dispenser was actually manufactured in Austria in 1927. Wow, that’s seriously retro! And was more of a plain capsule than the fancy designs we are familiar with nowadays. The ‘regular’ was used to dispense the first PEZ sweet, a mint.

Of course the many varied designs of the dispensers made them perfect for collectors. One model from the 1950’s is recorded as selling for $11,000! Collectors conventions are held throughout Europe and the States and avidly attended by enthusiasts. Can’t help thinking I wish I’d held on to mine!


The sweets themselves have undergone many a variation in flavour over the years. From fizzy to sour and even coffee (now retired from production!).

So now I feel I can justify starting a new PEZ collection… anyone with me?

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