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Beans or tomatoes?

steaming baked beans in a scoop

Well it’s a very unusual theme for a blog from a very busy Devon Sweet Shop in the week before Christmas…

The hot topic in store today, started by our lunch and Sophie’s choice of jacket potato filling is beans or tomatoes.

Sophie loves beans – even going as far as to eat them cold from the tin – Yuk! And have you ever heard of a baked bean sandwich before? It’s a new one to me that’s for sure!

I detest them in any form, especially the sauce and it’s something that everyone has a strong opinion on it would seem!

Sadly I think I’m outnumbered on my preference for tomatoes but the whole debate reminded me just how strongly personal preferences become and just how strongly we feel them.

It’s rather similar to a mega sour challenge – we often hold one in our Sidmouth shop as they’re so entertaining… if you’re not familiar with the concept the idea is to see who can manage our of our Mega sour sweets for the longest – they are challenge level sour and that means serious! It’s not for the fainthearted (myself included – I prefer a nice Chocolate Caramel myself!) but again Sophie is a whizz!

Mega Sour FruitsBeans or tomatoes? 1

So whether your beans or tomatoes, mega sour or chocolate caramel, you’re bound to find something perfect for you or the most incredible sweet (or sour!) gift for your loved ones in store… and usually a good old debate going on too!



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