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Vegan Fizzy Sweets – Veganuary ready!

Delicious and colourful fizzy dummies sweets. A bright and cheery fizzy sweet with a distinctive dummy shape. Perfect as park of a sweet pick and mix

Happy New Year 🥳

As we begin our next trip round the sun, what better time to shout about our superb range of vegan fizzy sweets! So whether you’re already vegan, experimenting with Veganuary or just really enjoy excellent fizzy sweets, read on!

Vegan Fizzy Sweets
Vegan pick and mix sweets

There has been a definite trend in recent years towards increasing the availability of vegan sweets in general and if you haven’t already tried them you really should. Still super fizzy, with a great texture and fabulous flavours – they are now firmly our favourite Fizzy sweets at DaffyDownDilly.

Blue Fizzy Stars Vegan Sweets
Delicious blue star fizzy vegan sweets

Fizzy blue stars are a great choice, an attractive blue colour and the flavour and fizz keeps you coming back for more!

Fizzy Vegan Teddy Sweets
Colourful fizzy sweets in the shape of teddy bears

Of super cute fruity fizzy bears in all the colours of the 🌈! We can’t resist these great fizzy sweets, they’re so popular with children too and the perfect party sweets!

Vegan fizzy sweets gift box
1 kilo of delicious fizzy sweets perfect for a birthday or Christmas present and all suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Vegan Fizzy Sweets

And if you fancy a vegan fizzy sweet pick and mix, we’re ready for you! 1 kilo of the absolutely tried and tested most delicious fizzy sweets in a presentation gift box – ready to give to the lucky recipient or just indulge 😃

Sour blue tongue painter dummies are a real winner too – there really are so many varieties of vegan fizzy sweets you can build the most incredibly tasty fizzy pick and mix imaginable…

So whether it’s a treat for Veganuary, a lifestyle choice or the hunt for the tastiest fizzy sweets around we’re ready for you!

Fizzy Dracula teeth sweets
Awesome vegan fizzy sweets in the shape of Dracula teeth – definitely not just for Halloween sweets!
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