Bassetti Hard Liquorice Sticks



Bassetti Liquorice Sticks are available to buy online from our UK award winning sweet shop.


If you’re a liquorice lover you will definitely know and love these fabulous rich and tasty liquorice sticks. Bassetti Liquorice sticks have a hard texture and they are without question one of our most popular Liquorice choices. Available singly all you have to choose is the quantity!

We love them dipped in Sherbet… a real blast from the past. At DaffyDownDilly we often sell our liquorice sticks in conjunction with liquorice Catherine Wheels .

And what a combination they make! Delicious quality liquorice so accept nothing less! And if you’re a serious liquorice fan why not check out our Liquorice gift box? It’s a total winner!


Treacle, Wheat Flour, Colour (Plain Caramel), Liquorice Extract, Glazing Agent (Gum Arabic), Glucose Syrup, Aniseed Oil.


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