Black and White Mint Sweets

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Black and White Mint Sweets are available to buy online right now from our UK award winning sweet shop.

Black and White Mint Sweets

If you’re a fan of a sweet that packs a delicious mint and liquorice combination, then Black and White Mint sweets are the perfect choice for you! Part of our quality liquorice selection in our Devon sweet shop, black and white mints are fab.

Lovely squares of liquorice sandwiched between layers of smooth mint make these a striking sweet choice. So whether you like to munch these whole or peel apart the layers we’re sure you will enjoy them. We do think thought that it’s a bit of a shame that the layers have changed from Black on the outside to White. Still scrummy though!

With a firmer texture, Black and White Mints are quite different to Liquorice Allsort Squares. They also have a surprisingly minty flavour which stands out well against the liquorice. Made by Taverners and simply scrummy! Of course if you are looking for a strong liquorice flavour you may be better served with Pontefract Cakes or some yummy Double Salt as these treats are minty! Or even indulging in our Liquorice gift box 

Its a fabulous collection of 1 kilo of our bestselling liquorice. Fantastic!




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sugar, treacle, wheat flour, glucose syrup, dessicated coconut, vegetable oil, beef gelatine, humectant (glycerol) liquorice extract, flavourings, colours (plain caramel, beetroot red, curcumin, paprika extract) fat reduced cocoa powder, glazing agent (beeswax)


3 reviews for Black and White Mint Sweets

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    These have always been one of my favourite liquorice sweets. The cooling mint and warm liquorice work perfectly together.

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