Fizzy Strawberry Pencils Sweets

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Fizzy Strawberry Pencils

Fantastic fruity fizzy strawberry pencils are available to buy online from our award winning UK sweet shop.

Fizzy Sweets

Delicious bite sized fizzy delights, strawberry pencils are super popular and absolutely delicious. With just the right amount of fizz, they’re not too sour but still taste great and make your mouth water!

Our trained sweet shop staff will prepare and pack your order with care and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying these little beauties.

And if you like strawberry pencils without the fizz but with all the flavour you should look right here! 

We pride ourselves on our huge range of tasty fizzy sweets. They’re well worth checking out! Enjoy.



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Sugar, wheat flour (contains gluten) glucose syrup, Invery sugar syrup, vegetable fat, acids, Malic Acid, Stabalizer, glycerol, corn starch, acids, tartaric acid, potato starch, acids, citric acid, emulsifier, glyceryl monostearate, flavourings, colours, E120


4 reviews for Fizzy Strawberry Pencils Sweets

  1. Amy S. (verified owner)

  2. Louise Willingham (verified owner)

  3. Kirsty L. (verified owner)

    These pencil sweets taste really nice. It is hard to put them down/away. Highly recommend.

  4. Kathy L. (verified owner)

    Love these just the right amount of sour too

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