Creamy Sugar Free Toffee


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Wrapped creamy sugar free toffee sweets are available to buy from our award winning sweet shop.

Sugar free sweets

All of our sugar free sweets are suitable for both diabetics and the weight conscious. Our sugar free toffee sweets are a really popular option. With a chewy toffee texture they are a tasty choice.

We’re really proud of our Sugar Free Sweets at DaffyDownDilly. What a range now available! From Mint humbugs, Sherbet Lemons and Chocolate Limes to Bubblegum Fizz. And all without any additional sugar.

And if you’re looking for a sugar free gift you should check our our sugar free gift sweet jar!

Assorted sugar free sweets fill it to the brim!


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sweetener, maltitol, vegetable fat (palm oil) milk powder, butter, flavouring, emulsifier, soya lecithin


Due to sweeteners used please be aware that excessive consumption may have a laxative effect


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