Aniseed Balls

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Traditional Aniseed Balls are available to buy online from our UK award winning sweet shop.


Shiny and hard and pleasingly uniform in size, Aniseed Balls are a favourite traditional sweet. Measuring about 1cm across. Aniseed Balls are rather like a Gobstopper in their hard consistency. So of course they are strongly flavoured with Aniseed. They will last for absolutely ages when sucked!

We love Liquorice at DaffyDownDilly and have huge selection. You can find them here! 

Of course we have from double Salt liquorice to Spogs if you’re looking for Aniseed flavours in particular. Liquorice comfits to Pontefract cakes and best of all our liquorice kilo box! So it’s a beautifully presented box of assorted quality liquorice. The perfect gift for any liquorice lover any time of the year! Let them know you’re thinking of them!

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Dextrose sugar, Maize starch, rape seed, modified maize starch, flavouring, aniseed oil, colours E129, E151, glazing agent, carnauba wax

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    Who re member’s these little beauty’s

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