Sugar Free Pear Drops


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Delicious wrapped sugar free Pear Drops – we think these are one of the best sugar free sweets we have! Available to buy from our online sweet shop right now!

Sugar free sweets

All of our sugar free sweets are suitable for both diabetics and the weight conscious. Wrapped sugar free pear drops are a colourful and tasty treat choice.

Sugar Free Pear Drop sweets are just one of the sweets that make up our Mixed sugar free jar. So all of the contents of this jar are sweets without sugar. From Sherbet Lemons and chocolate Limes to fantastic Mint Humbugs and Bubblegum Fizz. And all without the sugar too!

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Isolmalt (E953) citric acid, flavourings, colours E129, E102, E110, E142


Due to sweeteners used please be aware that excessive condumption may have a laxative effect


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