Sour and Fizzy Sweets

Our huge range of sour and fizzy sweets is truly awesome. We have a complete range of sour and fizzy sweets ranging from slightly tingle-indugcing to a genuine mouth-puckering wallop of sourness!

And they’re all available to buy online from our Award Winning UK sweet shop.

Fizzylicious sour and fizzy sweets with zing!

Our fizzy collection of sour and fizzy sweets is full of colourful and tangy yumminess. If you’re looking for sweets and treats with a really fizzy zingy attitude, you’re in the right place!

From Spanish Peaches to Fizzy Strawberries, Fizzy Strawberry Pencils and Rainbow bites, this is without question the most popular section in our shop. Have a look – we know you’ll absolutely love these fizzy sweets!

Frequently Asked Fizzy Sweets Questions.

  • What is your most popular Fizzy Sweet?

Without doubt our most popular Fizzy Sweet is Rainbow Bites. They’re colourful and tasty and not too sour. And because they’re light in weight, you get a whole lot for your money!

Rainbow Bites are our most popular fizzy sweet and it's easy to see why! Beautiful colourful strips of fruity fizzy sweets
Fizzy sweet favourites – Rainbow Bites 🙂
  • What is your sourest Fizzy Sweet?

The sourest sweet in our range are Mega Sours, but they aren’t fizzy. So the sourest Fizzy Sweet we think are either Sour Worms or Fizzy Mix or Fizzy Dummies which all have a super tongue tingling tang.

Well, that’s a good question. Lots of our customers find the giant cola bottles to be sourer than the smaller ones. So to make everyone happy we sell both!

  • What’s your favourite Fizzy Sweet?

We all have different favourites across the whole range but my personal favourite Fizzy Sweet is a good old Watermelon Slice or Fizzy Strawberries. Both of these are fabulously fruity with a sour zing they are incredibly delicious and my go-to Fizzy sweet choice.

What’s your best selling tangy sweet gift?

sour and fizzy sweets box selection
1 kilo of the best fizzy sweets you’ll find – all in a fab presentation box! The perfect sweet gift 🙂

That’s easy – look!

1 Kilo of fabulous quality tangy goodies all presented in a quality gift box and ties with ribbons. Perfect to tuck into, share with family or give as a gift. If you like tongue teasing flavour sensations, this could well be just what you’re looking for!

And we are always looking for new sour and fizzy sweets. Boy have we found some to whet your whistle? Fizzy chips are a colourful choice with a delicious jelly texture and a sour coating – sure to wake up your tastebuds! And we have two new fizzy dummy choices too. Sour watermelon dummies and tongue painting blue dummies too. Both vegan sweets and a great fizzy sweet choice. If you’re wanting to design your own pick and mix fizzy sweet selection, DaffyDownDilly is the place to start.

What makes a good fizzy sweet choice?

Well for us that’s a whole combination of different factors. For our customers choosing sweets from a picture or a jar, appearance is key. It’s the first thing that attracts you to a certain product. We all shop with our eyes don’t we? For us, something like the watermelon rocket is a great and more unusual choice. Always good to try something different.

Large and chunky, our sour watermelon rockets sweets are a fruity and popular fizzy sweet
Delicious watermelon Rockets are a winning choice in our fizzy sweets selection of fizzy sweets!

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