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Vegan sweets are really coming into their own and top of our favourites – Bubs! Made in Sweden and original in shape, colour and flavour, these popular vegan sweets are flying out!

So what flavours do we have for you to tantalise your tastebuds? Well here are a few for your delectation and delight 🙂

Watermelon Vegan Foam Sweets
Bubs watermelon foam sweets

First up we have watermelon Bubs, foam texture and awesome watermelons flavour, they are super delicious and fruity sweets – vegan friendly too of course.

Bubs Vegan giant fizzy cola skull sweets
Vegan and vegetarian friendly fizzy cola sweets

These are our favourite – the most delicious sour and zingy fizzy cola sweets you ever did taste. Shaped as skulls, they’re pretty cool too, so if fizzy and sour sweets with a twist in your thing you should add these to your basket!

Bubs vegan sweets
Swedish sweets Bubs 🙂 Blueberry and Raspberry Ovals of vegan yumminess

Blueberry and Raspberry flavour next – pink and blue foam sweets that will keep you coming back for more.

Vegan Big Sour Skull Sweets
Made by Bubs, vegan sour fruity skulls

And we couldn’t forget sour, fruity skulls… vegan of course with a fabulous texture that keeps the fruity flavours coming. Skull shaped and cool, these are a must for any fizzy sweet fan and even better if you fancy trying something different. They’re large, delicious and super tangy sweets!

Vegan Fizzy Octopus Sweets
Bubs Vegan Sour Octopus Sweets

Always original in shape and design, we had to include these sour and fruity octopus sweets – super cute and tasty they make a good talking point too.

Dare to be different? Of course you do – why not see what the fuss is all about and get some Bub sweets in your tummy!

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