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Apple Sweets

Sour Apple Sweets

Fruity apple sweets are a firm favourite with us all 🙂 Tangy, sour and mouthwatering we have a great range to choose from at Daffydowndilly so you can stock up on your fruit bowl pick and mix favourites.

Apple Millions are a popular little sweet with a fab apple flavour. Called Millions because you get so many, these little green fruity sweets are delicious
Teeny tiny little fruity sweets with the flavour of apple

Green sweets are surprisingly difficult to get hold of but one of the best is Apple Millions. Bright green and tiny, you definitely get lots of these fruity millions Apple Sweets to enjoy, it’s one of the best parts of choosing Millions after all!

Rosey Apple Sweets are a traditional boiled sweet with a fab Apple flavour. Red, yellow and green in colour, they even look apple like
Traditional apple flavoured boiled sweets

For the more traditional amongst you, Rosey Apple 🍏 sweets are really hard to beat. Smooth and round they have a super intense apple flavour and, being a hard boiled apple sweet, they last for ages too.

Apple Bonbons
Apple Sweets with a chewy texture and fruity flavour

Chewy fruity Apple Bonbons – a delicious choice! We have a fabulous range of bonbons including traditional strawberry, lemon and toffee flavours with their powdery coating and real toffee centre 🤤

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