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Christmas Gifts – Why not give them a ‘Sweet Treat’?

Daffy-down-dilly's large Christmas sweet bag

A sweet treat.

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Christmas is a time for buying gifts and treating those who you hold closest to you; however the difficulty can come when you are not sure exactly what to buy them.

Perfume, bath sets, socks and even a bottle of wine are all standard gifts for those who are running out of ideas, but what about sweet hampers instead?

Classic sweets especially are an instant nostalgic trip; reminding you of those flavours of your childhood and who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane.

There are a variety of retro sweet stockists up and down the country with jars lined up in windows showcasing brightly coloured and sugar filled delights ready to be enjoyed. However for those who may live a little further out and don’t have access to these fantastic treasure troves there are also websites that you can purchase sweets from and have them delivered to your home; an amazing bonus when it comes to those Christmas purchases.

But what kind of traditional sweet shop style treats can you find online?

Sugar Free Liquorice

Blackcurrant & Liquorice (Sugar Free) Sweets

It may not be everyone’s taste; but liquorice is a popular old school sweet. In particular the sugar free version provides a great way to enjoy this yummy treat with less guilt! However, there are also standard liquorice available to for those who are happy with their sugary content!

Wine Gums

Lion's Wine Gums

Another great retro sweet has to be Wine Gums; chewy and packed full of flavour they are just as popular now as they were back in the old school tuck shop days. These are ideal for sharing, but are equally just as good if you want to devour all alone!

Coconut Mushrooms

Coconut Mushrooms

A little less on the chewy side, but still just as tasty; coconut mushrooms still feature in pick and mix selections nowadays. Why not buy a quarter of this much loved retro sweet and add it into a sweet hamper full of tasty treats?

Love Hearts

Love Hearts Cube Giant Love Hearts

Love Hearts have never gone out of fashion so it isn’t a surprise to find them still available online. Fizzy, fun and just a teeny bit flirty these are fantastic additions to any sweet hamper or make ideal stocking fillers for those little (or perhaps big) kids too!

These are just some of the amazing old style sweets that are still available to buy today.

If you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift for someone in your life who loves nothing more than classic sweets then have a look round the Daffy Down Dilly site and see what retro sweets hampers are all about!

We not only have these fantastic retro sweets available but we can also offer a variety of American candies too; making us the ideal place for a special gift for someone sweet in your life.

Make sure your loved ones get a really special surprise this year by choosing for them a delicious sweet treat from Daffy-down-dilly.

Christmas greetings from the Daffy-down-dilly Team! 🙂

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