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Vegan sweets

We’re delighted to say we have found, tested and loved an amazing selection of jelly sweets and fizzy sweets all suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

I know, good isn’t it! And they’re so delicious that these pick and mix sweets are not just for vegans and vegetarians either… well worth a try!

From space ships to jelly mermaid sweets and fizzy dummies to fizzy strawberry sweets there’s something for everyone and no gelatine or animal products in sight.

Vegan sweets are definitely becoming mainstream and for good reason, they’re yum. Fruity and juicy jelly sweets and tangy and sour fizzy sweets, the combinations are sure to bring a smile and a taste sensation.

So, to help you out, here’s our top 5 tried and tested vegan sweets.

At number 5 it’s Jelly mermaids. Fruity and tasty and most importantly blue these are sure to one as popular with you as they are with us.

Vegan Mermaid jelly sweets

At Number 4 please welcome fizzy Tongues. We have always loved these and the revelation that they are vegan and vegetarian sweets too has rocked our world! Delicious fruity and tangy sweets with a sour coating – a must have in a pick and mix we think. Fizzy Tongues are a colourful fruity and fizzy sweet

In at number three in the vegan friendly sweets countdown… it’s American Hard Gums. We love a good USA hard gum at Daffy HQ, just the right size for a sweet treat and so fruity and flavoursome. Vegan American Hard Gum sweets are a retro sweet option with a chewy jelly fruit flavoured centre and sugar coating

And at number 2, it’s fizzy blue babies. Awesome blue raspberry sweets that look a little like jelly babies but are super flavoursome and fizzy sweets too. Louise loves these, just ask her what her favourites are??! Fizzy blue babies sweets

And our top pick in the vegan sweet section is easy peesy. Jelly Meerkats all day long. They are so cute and colourful – everyone loves them and they’re sure to bring a smile. Amazing flavour and cute as buttons. Who could want for more. So, if you’re thinking of trying a vegan sweet or just fancy something different, Meerkats get our vote for sure. Vegan Meerkat sweets

Of course, you could always try a selection of all of these and many more in our vegan kilo pick and mix sweet box! Happy days indeed!

Vegan sweets 1
1 kilo of assorted vegan sweets in a presentation gift box
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