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Watermelon Sweets

Watermelon Jelly sweets
Delicious and colourful watermelon jelly sweets

So so popular, watermelon sweets are flying off the shelves and into your homes! So we thought we would gather all of our favourites into one place and talk a little bit about them and what makes our watermelon sweets so very special.

Watermelon jellies are so attractive with beautiful strong colours and even ‘pips’! They’re not quite a jelly sweet, more of a fondant texture really with a fresh and refreshing fruity flavour.

Fizzy Watermelon Slices are a super popular fizzy and sour sweet with a green and red colouring
Watermelon fizzy slice sweets

And their famous counterpart? Fizzy watermelon slices of course – mouthwatering smell and flavour these are refreshing and zingy fizzy sweets that have a place in everyones pick and mix choice!

Watermelon Bonbons are beautiful, a lovely blue green colour and an amazing an authentic Watermelon flavour.
Fruity and delicious chewy bonbons with a fab green colour and watermelon flavour

It wouldn’t be the same without our watermelon bonbons either would it? Chewy, fresh and fruity – they don’t have a toffee centre like some of our traditional bonbons but a chew all the way through, strongly green they’re eye-catching and scrumptious!

Watermelon Rocket fizzy sweets
Watermelon flavoured firm textured sweets with a sugar coating

Have you seen these before? Not very mainstream, watermelon sweets rocket are well worth a try if you haven’t had them before. They are large sweets with a firm texture and a fizzy, tangy coating – what’s not to like?

Fizzy watermelon dummy sweets
Fizzy and sour watermelon Dummy sweets

These sell out quickly… so if you spy them in stock our advise is to buy them quickly! Sour fizzy watermelon dummies are tip top and we’re not at all surprised that they don’t hang around for long…

Watermelon Vegan Foam Sweets
Bubs watermelon foam sweets

Straight from Scandinavia, meet Bubs… Vegan favourites but by no means exclusive to gelatine free diets, these are awesome watermelon sweets with a foamy texture – we can’t stop eating them and we don’t think you will be able to either!

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