Fizzy Cherry Sweets


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Fizzy Cherry Sweets

Delicious Fizzy Cherry Sweets are available to order online right now from our UK award winning sweet shop.

Tangy Fizzy Cherries are a favourite amongst our fizzy sweet fans. Ours are nicely sour with a fabulously fruity cherry flavour. And of course a sour hit from the fizzy coating. Definitely one for the cherry sweet fan and the perfect fizzy companion to the Jelly Happy Cherries!

We love the distinctive double cherry shape of these fizzy sweets. Their coating gives an indication of the flavour burst and tang to come and is enough to make your mouth water.


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  • Sugar, glucose syrup, wheat starch, modified maize starch, acids: E260, E270, E296; modified potato starch, sodium hydrogen carbonate, flavouring, colours: E100, E120, E141.


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