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Bonbons Galore

Delicious traditional bonbons… As we get going again after the Christmas and New Year confectionery craziness, I wanted to take things back to basics a bit and look at our unsung heroes amongst our sweets. These really have to be topped by Bonbons… ever popular and delicious they are a constant top seller and we have added to our range… so welcome to DaffyDownDillys’ Bonbon corner!

Traditional Lemon Bonbons sweets - a soft and powdery outer coating with a mouthwatering lemon flavour and a hard toffee centre. Bonbons as they used to be and such a beautiful pale yellow colour!
Traditional powder coated bonbons with a lemon flavour and real toffee centre

A game of two halves, a traditional bonbon with their powdery coating and real toffee centre rub shoulders with modern chewy counterparts.

Traditional Toffee Bonbons sweets, fabulous powdery coating covers a delicious hard toffee centre - delicious
Traditional powder coated bonbons with a real toffee centre

We must confess to be traditionalists at Daffy HQ when it comes to a bonbon and love, love, love the powdery traditional sweets. Strawberry, lemon, toffee and for a change, blackcurrant and liquorice bonbons… yes, they might be more unusual but they are absolutely scrummy and well worth a try and we know you agree – check out our bonbons reviews here –

Strawberry Bonbon

Lemon Bonbon

Toffee Bonbon

Perhaps we are showing our age though as our younger customers definitely prefer the chewy bonbon, notably watermelon and blue raspberry flavours. The latter are renowned for their ability to change the colour of your tongue, a massive draw when you’re ten… or 40 actually!

A more modern Blue Raspberry flavoured bonbon with a lovely chew and the tendency to turn your mouth blue!
Blue raspberry flavoured chewy bonbons

So whatever your preference, you can find our full range of bonbon deliciousness here and even more exciting we’ve added to the range of weights too. We know how much you love a bonbon so they are now available in larger bags of 500g saving you pennies too!

So if you’re looking for traditional bonbons with a chewy toffee centre and powdery coating, look no further – and check out our reviews 🙂

‘Definitely my favourite lots of powder and coating just as I remember from the
“olden days”.
I’ve been looking for the right ones for a long time and now my hunt is over I will certainly be buying these again.’

Best wishes to all our customers, friends and family. We so appreciate your support 🙂

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