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Snowies and Jazzies chocolates

Snowies and Jazzies chocolates
Jazzies and Snowies chocolates with sprinkles on the top

Always at the tip top of the chocolate choices, Snowies and Jazzies deserve a feature of their very own… White chocolate Snowies and milk chocolate Jazzies are the quintessential childhood memory of sweetshops. Those colourful sprinkles that add a crunch to delicious chocolate flavoured buttons always bring a knowing smile.

White Chocolate Snowies chocolate buttons are a traditional sweet often enjoyed with Jazzies
White chocolate discs covered in sprinkles

Traditional sweets at their finest, Snowies are flavoured white chocolate sometimes called Disco Disks and perfect for pick and mix sweet or retro sweet lovers. The crunchy hundreds and thousands topping makes them super distinctive and instantly recognisable – definitely part of their appeal.

Milk chocolate Jazzies sweets are a traditional and famous milk chocolate drop covered with colourful sprinkles
Traditional chocolate with sprinkles on top

And their best friend on the sweet shop shelf? Jazzies of course. Milk chocolate flavoured discs this time and still coated with crunchy sprinkles. Chocolate flavour candy buttons of deliciousness they are perfect additions to your memory lane pick and mix sweet selection. Always a popular sweet choice.

White chocolate stars
White chocolate stars

And of course, there are many variations of the original Snowies and Jazzies chocolates – one of our favourites is white chocolate stars – larger than Snowies and still with the sprinkles, they make a great choice if you’re looking for a similar flavour but a bit of a change in their design. Always popular amongst children and their parents, if you love sweet shop white chocolate, then these are a great choice. Don’t forget Pink chocolate hearts too, exactly as they sound – pink, heart shaped candy with sprinkles on the top – or Spinning Tops... well worth including in your sprinkle covered choice!

Whether you are looking for jelly sweets, fizzy sweets, pick and mix or boxes of sweets as gifts, DaffyDownDilly has it all – the finest confectionery retro childhood memories even down to hundreds and thousands covered chocolates – Snowies and Jazzies Chocolates!

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