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Boost your teams morale with corporate gifting

Corporate gifting – Extraordinary times or no, it’s crucially important to recognise the efforts and hard work of your team. We have all needed to be super flexible and responsive over the last year or so to the quickly changing dynamics in the workplace and office of the global pandemic. And haven’t we all risen to the challenges and adapted beautifully? Awesome efforts all round. Rewards for good business never go amis.

One of our favourite jobs is working in the corporate sector, keeping it sweet and creating bespoke corporate gifting ideas and treats to boost morale in the workplace and recognise those outstanding corporate efforts. After all, hard work reaps rewards!

Are you looking for a great gift to reward someone in your business for their hard work? Or perhaps you would like to send a gift from business to business to thank them for their help on a project. Maybe you’re looking for an incentive – something to persuade the stars of your show to put their best foot forward… Any which way, DaffyDownDilly has the answer to all of your corporate gifting needs. All bespoke and made to meet your business needs. We will pop your company logo onto your gift along with your personal message. It’s all possible, delicious and colourful with DaffyDownDilly.

For 7 years, we have been delivering gift boxes, jars and hampers filled with the best quality confectionery to businesses throughout the UK. Our bespoke boxes are inexpensive but great for groups – everyone loves a sweet treat whether friends in business, customers or outside of work. We have something for everyone – from retro favourites to obscure American imports – you will be amazed at the huge selection we stock, which we can dispatch to multiple addresses nationally.

Remember, too, that we can personalise everything, from traditional sweetie bags and gift boxes to jars, making sure that your business or event branding goes even further. Truly personal corporate gifting at your fingertips.

Leaving presents, wedding favours, promotional sweets for an event… For more ideas and information email us

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DaffyDownDilly Confectioners logo. Imagine yours on your chosen corporate gifts. Beautiful.