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Candy Sticks

Candy Sticks sweets are really a childhood favourite sweet. They used to be sweet cigarettes but that wouldn't be very PC any more, so their red end has been removed! They still taste just the same though

As of the most popular Retro Sweets we have at Daffydowndilly, Candy Sticks deserve a special mention of their own.

They have been around for years after all – remember when they were all neatly lined up in packets of their own?! Great fun. Although no longer in those packs, Candy Stick sweets are just as popular and with good reason.

Ours are in mixed sizes but the same soft texture you remember and with their gentle pineapple flavour they are a must for children of all ages!

Retro sweets are the most evocative kind of sweet treats – taking you straight back to your childhood with the same flavours, smells and memories… and our Candy Sticks will absolutely not disappoint! Perfect for a gift present to do all of these things for the ones you love ❤️

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