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Celebrate in style with DaffyDownDilly party bags!

Chocolate Sweet Cone Bag - delicious mix of all sorts of chocolates, Snowies, Jazzies and chocolate eggs for starters fill these beautiful cone bags which are hand filled and hand tied with contrasting and attractive ribbons

At DaffyDownDilly we love designing bespoke sweet party bags for our customers.

Often colour themes are in demand, and we have to admit, we have made an awful lot of Frozen themed party bags!!

Our customers say that they love our matching cone gift bags and that they take away a lot of the stress of holding a party which can as we all know, get pretty overwhelming!

Rainbow Sweet Cone Bag

Our range includes cone bags suitable for the youngest children, to those for daring teenagers wanting a mega sour experience! We are flexible in the quantity of sweets that go into our cone bags too to ensure their suitability for all ages and to provide flexibility of budget, and take great pride in our beautiful presentation. Our bags are perfectly matching so you can rest assured that all your guests will be equally delighted!

Yellow Pick and Mix Cone BagPick & Mix Cone Bag Orange

We are always happy to advise our customers on sweets, it’s what we love best 🙂 And with no minimum or maximum order quantity, sweet party bags really are a great option. So why not take advantage of our expertise and let Daffy-down-dilly take the strain out of your party planning…

Always delighted to help and advise at our Sidmouth store x



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