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DaffyDownDilly’s A-Z of sweets :)

Ready for our A-z of Sweets? We do love a good list at DaffyDowndilly and thought we’d do an alphabet list challenge… although we have hundreds and hundreds of different types of sweets, this was not as easy as we thought!! If you can spot the obvious mistake(s) and give us a sweet solution we’d be ever so pleased πŸ™‚

Aniseed Balls Sweets are a traditional sweet that is hard and circular and flavoured strongly with Aniseed

A – Aniseed Balls

Bubblegum Millions are a popular sweet choice, super fruity little balls of tasty fruity flavours - great fun sweet choice

B – Bubblegum Millions

Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles are a fabulous brown and white traditional retro fizzy sweet, the only difference with these ones is that they are huge!

C – Cola Bottles (Giant and fizzy!!)

Giant dolphin jelly sweets are a popular traditional jelly sweet in a dolphin shape. They are large, as you would expect and an attractive blue and white colour with a lovely sweet flavour

D – Dolphins

Edinburgh Rock is a traditional soft rock with fruit and ginger flavours. They are melt on your tongue and are delicious

E – Edinburgh Rock

Our Fruit Salad Sweets Pack is a classic recipe and contains the famous and delicious raspberry and pineapple chewy sweets that we all know and love

F – Fruit Salad

Giant bananas sweets are a popular retro sweet with a distinctive banana flavour and shape

G – Giant Bananas

Vegan American Hard Gum sweets are a retro sweet option with a chewy jelly fruit flavoured centre and sugar coating

H – Hard Gums (American style!)

Icy Cups are a beautiful smooth chocolate in colourful metal cases

I – Icy Cups

Jelly Bean Factory Gourmet Mix Jelly Beans

J – Jelly Beans

The very best in traditional cola cubes sweets.

K – Kola Cubes

Sour and tangy lemon crystal - a sherbet treat!

L – Lemon Crystal

dusted milk bottles sweets

M – Milk Bottles (dusted)

Wonka Rainbow Nerds are a super popular Theatre Box filled with a great mix of fruit flavoured crunchy and small candy

N – Nerds

Chocolate Orange Nibbs

O – Orange Chocolate Nibbs

Peppermint Creams are a soft mint fondant cream covered with a layer of dark chocolate

P – Peppermint Creams

rainbow brick fizzy sweets

R – Rainbow Bricks

Fizzy sour apples

S – Sour Fizzy Apples

Sour Fizzy Dummy sweets

T – Tonguepainter Sour Fizzy Dummies

Uncle Joes mint ball sweets

U – Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

Vanilla Fudge

V – Vanilla Fudge

Watermelon Bonbons are beautiful, a lovely blue green colour and an amazing an authentic Watermelon flavour.

W – Watermelon Bonbons

Strawberry Fizz Wizz, a packet of popping candy in Strawberry Flavour

X – ‘Xploding Candy πŸ™‚

Yellow Belly Snake Jelly Sweets - a jelly sweet favourite in their bright colours, but mostly because they are soooo long!

Y – Yellow Belly

Well, 24 out of 26 isn’t bad really is it?!

Fizzy sweets, jelly sweets, boxes of sweets, retro sweets, pick and mix, chocolate… we’ve got it all but can we think of one single confection that begins with Z?! We hope yo’ve enjoyed ready our A-Z of sweets as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it!

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