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Pick and Mix Box of Sweets

A pick and Mix box of Sweets… Doesn’t matter how old or young you are, a quality pick and mix is bound to make you smile, just the thought of those delicious flavour and texture combinations is enough to make you mouth water isn’t it?

We have hundreds of pick and mix sweets at DaffyDownDilly, from boxes of sweets already prepared for you with combinations of our most popular jelly sweets, fizzy sweets or liquorice, to our choice of sweets which you can buy by weight. So something for everyone? Most definitely.

We started years ago with our Pick and Mix sweets gift box, 1 kilo of amazing fizzy sweets, jelly sweets and a sprinkling of chocolate too, it’s become a go to gift option for lots of you (and us!). And what a box of sweets…

Pick and Mix sweet box - the entire colourful contents of one of our Kilo boxes of assorted quality sweets. jellies sweets, fizzy sweets and chocolates all make for the most delicious and colourful display.
1 kilo of delicious jelly sweets, fizzy sweets and chocolate in a gift box

We are proud to show you our vegan pick and mix box of sweets too, all the quality sweets you would expect from us but all suitable for vegans and vegetarians and completely delicious!

vegan box of sweets
Pick and mix vegan sweets gift box – 1 kilo of awesome vegan sweets

Whether you are looking for a Birthday box of sweets, a fantastic Christmas selection box with a difference, or a pick and mix box of sweets that they will love, it’s well worth having a peep at all we have to offer. From Fizzy sweets gift boxes to squishy jelly sweet pick and mix… from our super popular liquorice selection gift box to chocolate coated brazils… there is something sweet for everyone at DaffyDownDilly. Home of the pick and mix sweet box.

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