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Sweet Shop DaffyDownDilly in 2020

Happy New Year from us all at DaffyDownDIlly Confectioners, our Sidmouth sweet Shop.

Sweet Shop DaffyDownDilly in 2020 1

So as we enter not just a new year but a new decade, here are some thoughts on where we’ve been and we’re going over the next few years…

So since opening our sunny seaside sweet shop in 2014 we have learnt a lot! We really, really know how important our staff are. As this a great opportunity I would like to give a big thank you to Louise and Keeran who help to make our bright and cheerful high street sweet shop the sweet destination it has become. Thanks guys – appreciate all you have done and do and that you put up with my funny ways 🙂

Sweet Shop DaffyDownDilly in 2020 2

So this year we will see our 6th Birthday and things have changed and progressed a lot in this time. We have launched a very busy Ecommerce section not least with our own website – and if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve found it already 🙂

Of course we absolutely love our shop customers – they bring us such a diverse range of stories. And we love that we know exactly what our regulars want, can can check in on them and them on us too!!

We have seen a huge increase in our stock and range. We now carry nearly 400 jars of sweets in our Sidmouth store. From awesome tangy fizzy sweets to soft and juicy jelly sweets, a huge range of liquorice and American goodies and chocolates too – we like to think we have it all. We will be working hard to keep our new products flying in and keeping our pick and mix sweet.

We’re looking forward to another busy, fun and successful year on the High Street – it’s not all doom and gloom you know!

So Happy New Year to everyone we know – we hope it brings you much joy and happiness in whatever you seek. We look forward to sharing our journey as the year progresses too.

So pleased to report we’ve had a smashing rest after a hectic Christmas and we’re ready to go!..

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