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Blue Sweets

Blue Sweets

Are you looking for Blue Sweets?

At Daffydowndilly we have the most wonderful and colourful selection of tasty blue hues – fizzy sweets, jelly sweets – the one thing that they all have in common here is, you guessed it, their colour!

Blue Raspberry twist kisses sweets
Blue and white twist jelly sweets

Delicious blue jelly sweets, blue raspberry twist kisses have a super soft and squishy texture and the most amazing blue raspberry flavour – we especially like the blue and white twist design which make these jelly treats so spectacular!

Blue Fizzy Stars Vegan Sweets
Delicious blue star fizzy vegan sweets

From our fizzy sweet selection, these blue star sweets are a fizzy delight, perfect for children of all ages and suitable for vegetarians and vegans too they are a great choice! Incredibly cute and attractive they make wonderful cakes topper sweets for any blue themed event – speaking of which, our blue sweet party cones are also a must if you need blue sweets and you can find them here.

Blue Raspberry flavour baby hue fizzy bottles
baby fizzy blue bottle shaped sweets flavoured with blue raspberry

And for a most gentle blue colour, our baby fizzy blue bottles are a fab choice, super tiny and super cute they pack a flavour beyond their size – a great choice as you certainly get a lot of sweets for your money!

Blue Raspberry bonbons
Blue sweet bonbons

Love blue raspberry? They you will love our blue raspberry bonbons 🙂 chewy, fresh and fruity they are a modern bonbon dream and we pride ourselves on our outstanding range of bonbons too!

And our favourite blue sweets? At Daffydowndilly that’s an easy choice – Blue Raspberry Rockets of course!

Blue Raspberry Rockets are large and chewy fizzy sweets with a fizzy coating and blue raspberry flavour
Large and firm textured blue raspberry rockets with a sugar coating

Firm texture and deliciously intense blue raspberry flavour these are a might fizzy sweet choice and in the scheme of blue sweets, pretty up there in popularity too. A perfect pick and mix choice for your blue treat collection.

Fizzy Blue Sweets
Fizzy blue bottles

Now these pink and blue fizzy cola bottles need no introduction from us… everyone knows and loves a good fizzy blue bottle and that is exactly what these are! Paler in colour than some of the other blue sweets but super scrummy and delightful.

Blue marshmallow paintball sweets
Delicious marshmallow blobs coated in sugar and beautifully blue

And the winner in the blue category for children party sweets? The awesome blue paintball – soft and delicious marshmallow in a crispy blue sugar shell with a gentle blue raspberry sweet flavour. Get them on your cupcakes – they look insane 🙂

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