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Snowies and Jazzies

Snowies and Jazzies

Always chocolate favourites – Snowies and Jazzies are distinctively delicious. Little button shaped chocolate rounds with colourful sprinkles to one side.

White Chocolate Snowies chocolate buttons are a traditional sweet often enjoyed with Jazzies
White chocolate discs covered in sprinkles

Snowies are, of course, the white chocolate version – sweet and creamy chocolate that we all know and love and we have them available in various size bags, all packed to order in Devon just for you. Whether you fancy 100g, 250g or 500g we are just the place to fulfil your chocolate cravings!

And while you’re about it, don’t forget your Jazzies!

Milk chocolate Jazzies sweets are a traditional and famous milk chocolate drop covered with colourful sprinkles
Traditional chocolate with sprinkles on top

For the milk chocolate fans out there, Jazzies are just the ticket. Round button chocolate with colourful sprinkles and it’s hard to decide whether Snowies or Jazzies are most appealing… most customers choose both of course.

For those who love both Snowies and Jazzies we would like to tell you all about our 1 kilo gift box containing nothing but… you guessed it, Jazzies and Snowies!

Beautifully presented and packed to order for superb chocolate freshness, please be upstanding for our Snowies and Jazzies gift box – this one is full to bursting and a wonderful present choice.

1 kilo fo Snowies and Jazzies traditional chocolate
gift box containing 1 kilo of mixed Snowies and Jazzies chocolate

Did you know that the first record of these chocolate treats is in 1844 – amazing huh? Along with pink and white mice, these chocolate buttons are a real blast from the past!

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